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Santiago Canyon College

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The college's unique location and convenient transportation make it only 20 minutes drive from UCI, 30 minutes drive from the oldest Disneyland in the United States, and only 40 minutes drive from Los Angeles International Airport, UCLA, Huntington Beach, the famous beach in the United States. Most of the new buildings on campus are completed in the past 8 years. They have advanced teaching equipment, diversified professional settings, and offer up to 155 professional degrees and vocational and technical courses, among which gemology is a unique specialty of the San Diego Valley College.


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The number of students in San Diego Canyon College is more than 16,000, and international students account for only 2%. Located in Orange County, California, Orange County is home to Orange County, one of the 50 most secure school districts in the United States.

The College’s STEM program is very strong. As a member of the Orange County Bioengineering Education Cooperative Program, College Biology students were selected as participants in the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholar Program. In addition, the college and the 52 universities in the United States have guaranteed admission or prioritized agreements, and are among the top honored program transfer partners in the nation’s top universities, such as UCLA.

In addition, students who meet the criteria and complete the honors program of our school can be 100% admitted to the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and California State University Fullerton (CSUF).

The school provides comprehensive curriculum design and disciplines to help students better learn, communicate and gain critical thinking. The school also provides some extracurricular supplementary course activities, including student government organizations, model UN, and debate games.


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