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Peninsula College

$750.00 $600 will be returned to you upon confirmation of your enrollment


College associate degree courses provide 20 applications, 11 certificate course, literature associate degree and associate of science degree in two credit courses, a total of more than 8000 students, there are a few from other states and other countries. Professional is widespread, including accounting, office administration system, automation technology, elementary education, family life education, aquaculture, information technology, massage therapy, biological education, mathematics education, botany, medical assistant, business study, multimedia communications, business administration, business management, natural resource management, business management, marketing, nursing, carpentry, sports, computer practical preparatory technology, radiation technology, science and education, web business development, welding, criminal justice, early childhood education, business administration, computer application technology, food service management, network basic equipment specialist, the IT system management and geological exploration technology.

Four reasons why Chinese students choose peninsula college:

1. After completing two years of study at peninsula College, we can ensure successful transfer to Washington State University, Lewis and Clark College, University of Washington-Bothell, and Western Washington University. Of course, graduates can easily transfer to other American universities for further study after two years of professional courses in the peninsula college.

2. The peninsula college will arrange to send to help students live in the United States local home or rented apartment outside school, not all of the community college will help solve the problem of accommodation, peninsula college do well on this;

3. You can apply for admission without the SAT or TOEFL scores.

4. The peninsula college is only 2 hours' drive from Seattle. The local scenery is beautiful and suitable for various extreme outdoor sports.



  1. 在半岛学院完成2年学业后,可确保成功转入Washington State University、Lewis and Clark College、University of Washington-Bothell、以及 Western Washington University。当然,通过在半岛学院学习的两年专业课成绩,毕业生也可以很容易地转入其他美国大学继续就读完成深造;

  2. 半岛学院会帮助在校生安排寄住在美国当地人的家中或者在校外租住公寓,并不是所有的转升大学都会帮助解决住宿问题,在这点上半岛学院做的很好;

  3. 无需SAT或TOEFL成绩即可入学,随时都可申请;

  4. 半岛学院所在地距离西雅图仅2小时车程,当地风景优美,适合开展各种极限户外运动。

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Peninsula college, founded in 1961, is located in the northwest Washington’s Olympic at the foot of the mountain, main campus is located in port angeles, is the largest city in the north Olympic peninsula, the transportation is convenient, safe and friendly social environment. Main campus campus covers an area of 75 acres, overlooking the bustling port angeles, near big cities have Victoria and vancouver, a total of 25 buildings, including classrooms, computer training center, computer lab, multimedia center, lecture hall, library, student center, theaters, and student services centre. The school also has two divisions, one at fox, 57 miles west of the angelic port, and the other in port townsend, 46 acres east of the angelic port.




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