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Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

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Founded in 1912, the NWTC is a national two-year public university, where students prepare for a high-tech career and begin a bachelor's degree. Last year, the NWTC provided services to more than 32,000 students. There are 7,800 students pursuing degrees and diplomas and training with more than 1,100 companies. The college welcomes 23 countries from different students including the world in Egypt, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, Ghana, Spain, moldova and China. All NWTC students have the resources they need to succeed. As a result, 93 percent of graduates have careers within six months of graduation. Eighty percent of the graduates are employed. Hundreds of graduates continue to accept education NWTC and 40 other colleges/universities in recent years.

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Our mission

We are a two-year technical college that offers education, training and lifelong learning opportunities in northeastern Wisconsin, bringing in skilled labor for individuals and businesses. Because of the skills and knowledge gained through completing certificates, degrees, diplomas and courses, our clients have inspired economic activity in our region.

Our vision

NWTC is a lifelong learning-type lifelong learning college that is transformed, strengthened and motivated.

成立于1912年, NWTC 是一所全国性的两年制公立大学,学生为高科技职业做好准备并开始学士学位。去年, NWTC 为32000多名学生提供服务;有7800名学生追求学位和文凭,并与1100多家企业合作进行培训。学院欢迎来自不同学生 23个国家 包括全球在内 埃及, 巴基斯坦, 南非, 巴西, 加纳, 西班牙, 摩尔多瓦和 中国。所有 NWTC 学生获得成功所需的资源。 因此,93%的毕业生在毕业后六个月内有职业生涯;其中80%的毕业生就业于职业。 数百名毕业生继续接受教育 NWTC与近几年的转让协议 其他40所学院/大学.

我们是一个为期两年的技术学院,为威斯康星州东北部提供教育,培训和终身学习机会,为个人和企业带来技术劳动力的培养。 由于通过完成证书,学位,文凭和课程而获得的技能和知识的应用,我们的客户激发了我们区的经济活力。


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The Wisconsin school of technology was founded to train the workforce. At the beginning of the 20th century, most of the workers in Wisconsin accepted their education by mentoring system – the two work skills and academic source [request] in order to standardize, received these work young people to read, and write education and mathematics, the creation of the Wisconsin state to promote the city vocational school. The school rose in 1912 in green bay and marinette, followed by a school in sturgeon bay in 1941. It expanded to include adults of all ages, interested in technical occupations, whether employed or not. In 1968, the three schools merged into a single area of the Wisconsin technical college system, serving as part or all of the nine counties in the northeastern Wisconsin technical college. The name was changed to the Wisconsin institute of technology in the late 1980s.

Today, the NWTC offers more than 100 associate degrees, technical diplomas and apprentices, and 84 certificates. The institute also provides staff training, technical assistance and consulting through corporate training and economic development departments. Between 2010 and 2011, NWTC provided customized training for 1,084 companies on site or in class, and trained 20,083 employees. The college provides services to about 41,500 students a year. The institute works closely with the industry to provide specialized courses.

威斯康星州的技术学院是为培养劳动力而成立的。在20世纪初,大部分工人都在威斯康星州通过师徒系统接受了他们的教育 – 这两个工作技能和学术技能[来源请求]为了规范,在阅读收到这些工作的年轻人,写教育和数学,国家威斯康星州推动了城市职业学校的创建。学校于1912年在绿湾和马里内特兴起,随后在1941年在鲟鱼湾的一所学校兴起。其范围扩大到包括所有年龄的成年人,他们对技术职业感兴趣,无论是否在职。 1968年,这三所学校合并成为威斯康星州技术学院系统的一个单一地区,为东北威斯康星州技术学院名下的九个县的部分或全部提供服务。这个名字在20世纪80年代后期改为东北威斯康辛技术学院。

如今,NWTC提供超过100个副学位,技术文凭和学徒,以及84个证书。学院还通过企业培训和经济发展部门提供员工培训,技术援助和咨询。在2010 – 2011年间,NWTC在现场或在课堂内为1,084家企业提供了定制培训,培训了20,083名员工。学院每年为约41,500名学生提供服务。学院与行业紧密合作,提供专业化的课程.

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