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Lane Community College

$750.00 $600 will be returned to you upon confirmation of your enrollment

With the second largest college internship program in the United States, students have the opportunity to graduate from a first-class transfer school and increase their working experience on their resume.

General information about international courses can be provided in other languages.

International admission and immigration assistance.

International coffee talk

English conversation partner program.

Look for local life arrangements and lodging opportunities.

Help to find work on campus.

Help register classes and use myLane.

Provide information on driving licences, banking, our communities, deciphering bills, etc.

Networking and networking opportunities



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Lane college has been recruiting international students since 1966. Currently, about 2 percent of the more than 10,000 students are international students. Lane, the college is approved by the northwest association of campus, provide professional/technical training, a four-year degree program, a two-year degree, certificate course, personal enrichment, and English as a second language program.

The international student program (isps) provides services to students in more than 110 countries. In addition to academics, the program provides students with activities to visit local, regional and statewide sites. International students can get help from English speaking partners, registration courses, housing problems, immigration assistance, etc. Isps will do their best to answer any questions or recommend the best resources to you.

The ISP office is located in room 243, room 242, room 242 and room 219, building 11. International students can also enter the multi-cultural center of room 201, building 1. The center provides a comfortable environment, students can get information on different race in admissions, registration, course and program planning, mentor, and interfaces to the campus and community services.

Come to multicultural center. We have a library with a computer, check your email, surf the Internet, and have tea, coffee, hot chocolate and popcorn. We are a free zone of racism and homophobia.


国际学生计划(ISP)为110多个国家的学生提供服务。除了学者之外,该计划还为学生提供活动,让学生访问当地,地区和全州的名胜古迹。国际学生可以通过英语会话伙伴获得帮助,注册课程,住房问题,移民协助等等。 ISP工作人员将尽全力回答任何问题或向您推荐最佳资源。




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