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East Los Angeles College – ELAC

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East Los Angeles College, East Los Angeles College is affiliated with the Los Angeles two-year College system, is one of the top turn to attend College in California and the Los Angeles Community of top College, the Western school College Association (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) fully admit, and the Los Angeles Community College campus (Los Angeles Community College District, LACCD) of one of the 9 au school. With over 60 years of excellent tradition, the college has a safe and comfortable learning environment and provides excellent education service. There are 28,000 students in East Los Angeles College and 82 acres on campus, which used to be the site of the 1984 Olympic Games. School teachers are equipped with the latest air conditioning equipment, complete research library, students can be free to use the wireless network, bookstores, fitness center, students park, entertainment center, center for the performing arts, indoor swimming pool, etc. School curriculum and seamless docking, America’s top university students can be transferred to the university of such as Los Angeles, California, the university of southern California, Berkeley, such as the world famous institution of higher learning for further study, every year there are hundreds of students successfully into top universities.


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转学保证项目:TAG(Transfer Admissions Guarantees)
It is the school’s special transfer guarantee program with UC 6. Students who meet the GPA requirement can apply for an early application after completing 30 credits, and obtain the admission guarantee in advance. The six universities are.:University of California, Davis 加州大学戴维斯分校; University of California, Irvine 加州大学欧文分校; University of California, Santa Barbara 加州大学圣巴巴拉分校; University of California, Riverside加州大学河滨分校; University of California, Santa Cruz加州大学圣克鲁兹分校; University of California, Merced 加州大学默塞德分校

The school has a department specially designed for international students to help international students arrange professional courses and miscellaneous procedures.

When students enter the school, the school has a specific training program (international student orientation) to explain the study and life of international students and the transfer process. There is a personal development program for each international student’s transfer program. Every semester, the school invites state schools to go to the campus to carry out the college fair, so that students can communicate with the admissions officers of the university to get the most accurate information.

North of the school is a residential area, where apartments are rented out to students. In the east, there are dozens of restaurants, supermarkets, shops, express mail, gas stations and other life service facilities, which provide great convenience for international students.

The school has various college students’ associations such as cssa, csa, isap and other regular activities to enrich students’ extracurricular life, such as the annual campus Spring Festival gala, university depth visit, etc. At the same time, the club also provides opportunities for students to volunteer, and the school authorities also often have campus activities such as food tasting to create the best conditions for students to integrate into American life.


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