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College Of Marin

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Marin institute is the certification committee of community and junior college and the school of western society and college, approved by the council for higher education accreditation and the United States department of education institution accreditation bodies of certification.

Student life

About 13,000 students in the college's many excellent credit, non-credit and community education classes enroll students every year. The academy has won a reputation for providing achievement and success for students of all ages and from all walks of life to education.

To provide students with the opportunities they need, and to ensure that students achieve their specific goals and objectives, the college offers an associate professor of art and an associate professor of science degree programs. Marlin college is involved in the admissions process at the university of California. Who have completed in the college of marin every year there are many international students are successfully transferred to the university of California, Berkeley, university of California, Los Angeles and the university of California, Davis, and so on. In addition, the college has a transmission center where staff members are helping students with research transfer and entrance requirements.

The college offers 33 occupational technology education courses (CTE) and provides basic skills, English as a second language (ESL) education and community education courses. The institute's CTE project provides a globally competitive workforce environment for the necessary skills to succeed. Whether our goal is career development, career change, or entering the first workforce, marlin offers a range of courses to help students succeed.

Academic departments

Rooted in marin is committed to excellence in education college to provide equal opportunities, and transfer to four-year colleges and universities, college degree and a certificate to provide to the success of all the members of the training for the diversity of our society, English as a second language learning and lifelong learning.

At present, we offer the following departmental academic courses:

Health science and behavioral science business information system vocational and technical education counseling learning of communication Early childhood education and child development philosophy of English/humanities/fine/visual art life and earth sciences mathematics, performing arts, sports education motor function and competitive physical science and social science language and culture in the world.



约13,000学生在学院的许多优秀的信贷,非信贷和社区教育班每年招收学生。 学院赢得了声誉,提供成就和成功为所有年龄段的学生和各界途径优质教育机构。

为了给学生提供他们所需要的机会,并确保学生实现其特定的目的和目标,学院提供艺术副教授和科学学位课程的副教授。 马林学院参与招生保证加州分校的具体大学。 谁已经完成了在马林学院每年都有许多国际学生都成功地转移到加州大学伯克利分校,加州大学洛杉矶分校和加州大学戴维斯分校,等等。 此外,学院还具有传输中心,该中心的工作人员为帮助学生研究转移和入学要求的目的。

学院提供33职业技术教育课程(CTE),以及提供基本技能, 英语作为第二语言(ESL) 教育和社区教育课程。 学院的CTE项目提供具有全球竞争力的劳动力环境,为成功的必要技能。 无论我们的目标是职业发展,职业的变化,或进入首次劳动力,马林学院提供一系列的课程,帮助学生取得成功。




健康科学 行为科学 业务信息系统 职业技术教育 通信 咨询辅导学 儿童早期教育和儿童发展 英语/人文/哲学 精细/视觉艺术 生命与地球科学 数学 表演艺术 体育教育,运动机能和竞技 物理科学 社会科学 世界语言文化。

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College of marin

Founded in 1926, marlin college is one of the 113 public community colleges in California. There are two campuses for your beautiful marin county. The golden gate bridge on the Kent field campus is about 11 minutes away from the 835 university avenue, Kent field. The valley campus of India is located in the minute-long route to novato, the city’s 333 acre site.


成立于1926年, 马林学院 是在加利福尼亚州113公立社区学院之一。 有两个校区为您美丽的马林县。 在肯特菲尔德校区位于金门大桥约11分钟可抵835大学大道肯特菲尔德。 印度谷校区位于分钟的路程上伊格纳西奥大道诺瓦托,CA的壮观333英亩网站



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